5L (5-Liter/169oz) mini Keg/Growler - Made with food-grade 304 Stainless Steel*

(*Don't get confused with cheap rusty tin can keg in the market)

Rust free keg - Your beer would never taste rusty again!

Brand New in box* Made in Germany

Sold Exclusively by 5lkeg

*Only above picture shown 1pc 5-liter stainless steel keg and rubber bung are including; the keg with 3-pieces design rubber bung is refillable and reusable for beer brewing and growler.

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Luxury Stainless Steel 5L mini keg/beer growler for use with Party keg beer dispenser & Beer kegerator fridge/cooler

This mini keg is portable, compact, and reusable and it can be your most favorite invention of the century especially for home brewer; YES no more bottling! The mini keg takes up less space and you can frequently get many places in your home to keep one. A mini keg often fits rightly on the countertops in a kitchen, in family refrigerator, and is very good to have around for the period of parties or just as you are relaxing around your home.  Furthermore, the mini kegs are convenience and easily movable, whether you are carrying it over to a friend's home or just moving it into another space or for storage in the home. They also have a big benefit over paying for beer cans or bottles. 


ATTENTION: Today's most of 5L mini kegs in the market are made with Tin Metal and very easy to get rusty inside the keg. The rust not only damage the taste of your beer but also harm your health. 5LKEG we highly recommend to use this exclusive design Stainless Steel mini keg with our Luxury Party Keg beer dispenser.

This 5L stainless steel mini keg works and compatible with most models of 5-Liter mini keg fridge/cooler and dispenser

Sold Exclusively by 5lkeg


Material of keg: 304 Food-Grade Stainless Steel
Capacity: 169oz (5 Liter)
Keg Size: £X165mm x 250mm
Wall Thickness: 0.65mm
Max Filling Pressure: 50psi


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